FBW machine -100.02 (767)


CJSC "Pskovelectrosvar" produces the machine -100.02 (767), designed for FBW of  shell rings of high resistant aluminium alloys with crosssection up to 80000 2, the diameters of welded shell rings are from 1800 to 5000 mm, the length according to the generator line - up to 2000 mm.

The machine is of traveling through feed type with closed simmetrical sensing scheme of gripping and upsetting forces: at feeding and unloading the grippers allow through feeding of items. Then they are closed with special mechanisms and make a construction of through feeding, which allows only machine axial feeding. 

Technical data

Parameter Value
Rated supply main voltage of 3-phase AC, V380
Current of shortcircuite at the nominal stage, kA20
Nominal continuous secondary current, kA320
Continuous power, kVA3600
Max. consuming power at shortcircuite, kvA11 500
Nominal gripping force, kgf1000 000
Upset distance, mm20-40
Upsetting speed, mm/s, not less250
, /1,0-20,0
Nominal performance at welding of items with cross section up to 65 000 2, welds/h, not less2
Dimensions without electric- and hydraulic equipment, mm510540453400
Mass, kg