Low frequency resistance projection welding machine -340.01


Machine H-340.01 is designed for resistance projection welding of single and group parts (e.g., at lists thickness 2+2 mm from low carbon steels, the projection number is up to 20 with (arranging, locating) putting them in the circle with diameter up to 200 mm), welding of hard-alloyed plates for cutting instrument, simultaneously welding of nets, fridge shelves, from several rods, welding of single reinforcing bars of diameter up to 30 mm, compound gears on projection of diameter up to 30 mm, hoses of diameter up to 80 mm and rods of diameter up to 60 mm to sheet and other parts such as axles and gears.

The machine provides welding parts from aluminum and titan alloys, heat resistant and stainless steels of different design.

Technical data
Rated supply main voltage of 3-phase AC, V 380
Supply main frequency, Hz 50
Rated continuous secondary current, kA, not less 28
Rated stroke, mm, not less 500
Gripping force, daN min. 200
max. 7 200
rated 6 300
Span (distance between plates), mm rated, not more 50
max., not less 400
Plates dimensions, mm upper 400 325
low 400 385
Allowance  of plates contact surfaces parallelism, mm 0.4
Short term performance of upper plate stroke per minute, welds/h, not less 60
Dimensions, mm (length width height) 3 200 × 1 100 × 2 600
Mass, kg 8 000