Road-rail welding vehicle MCK-01


Road-rail welding vehicle MCK-01 is designed by Pskovelectrosvar, CJSC in 2012. It is a special-purpose vehicle permitted to travel by public roads and intended for welding rails in the railway track.

Based on DAF vehicle chassis and equipped with the suspended rail welding machine MCP-120.01A and the high frequency inductive heating unit, this vehicle is a competitive alternative to rail-bound welding machinery. 

Characteristic Value
Basic parameters of the machine on vehicle chassis DAF:
Overall dimensions with box van, mm (length x width x height) 11 440 x 2 550 x 4 150
Mass, kg 34 500
Max. vehicle speed on route,  km/h 80
Truck chassis type 8 x 2
Tank size, l 560
Basic parameters of vehicle during work on rails (rail vehicle)
Time required for driving the vehicle  onto the track, min., not more 10
Max. speed on straight line sections of railway track, km/h, forward/back 30/20
Max. speed passing switches, special railway track sections and curved track with radius less then 200 m, km/h 5
Max. down grade of the track, % 20
Time required for box van opening and positioning welding head on a joint, min., not more 10
Manipulator (welding lift) parameters
Rotation angle roll of welding  head, deg. 60
Lifting capacity, kg 4 500
Lift height of welding above the track, mm 550
Boom length of lifting device, mm 4 000