Mobile rail welding complex MPK-01


Mobile rail welding complex MPK-01 provides welding rails of different length, strength and cross sectional area from 6 500 up to 10 000 mm2 by electric-contact type of welding. It provides weld flash removing after welding, heat treatment of joint and testing of rails check samples in field conditions.

Conditions of complex exploitation: 
  1. Altitude above see level up to 1 000 m;
  2. Range of temperature from -20 up to +40;
  3. Humidity:
  • Up to 80% at temperature +20;
  • Up to 100% at temperature +25.
Mobile rail welding complex consists of the equipment:
  • Three phases diesel generator;
  • Hiab truck (lifting machine);
  • Suspended machine for FBW of rails MCP-120.01A;
  • Inductive heating unit;
  • Special compact press for testing check samples of welded joints;
All this equipment is installed on special frame with container.
The container construction allows its installation on the standard flat wagon.
The container is provided with special creepers for loading and unloading.
Dimensions of mobile rail welding complex MPK-01
Length, mm
10 000
Width, mm
2 500
Height, mm
2 900
Mass of complex, kg, not more
20 000