FBW machine of steel stripes -16.06


CJSC "Pskovelectrosvar"producers the machine-16.06,designed for FBW by continuous flashing of steel stipes with width 50 ... 400 mm and sickness 1,5 ... 5 mm from low-carbon and low-alloyed steel as a part of metallurgical machines of continuous treatment of steel stripes.

Technical data

Characteristic Value
Rated supply main voltage of 3-phase AC, V380
Supply main frequency, Hz50
Power at duty cycle=50%, KVA200
Secondary voltage, V5...23, 75
Number of adjustment stages24
Rated continuous secondary current, A6760
Rated upsetting force, daN16000
Max. gripping force, daN39000
Duration of stripes welding cycle (with cross section 4x400), s60
Welding unit moving according to the line, mm470
Rated pressure:
- in hydraulic system, MPa (kgf/cm2)20(200)
- in pneumatic system, MPa (kgf/m2)0,63(6,3)
Cooling water consumption at pressure in the system 294x103 P (3,0 kgf/m2), m3/h, not more3,0
Dimensions, mm:
hydraulic drive station150012602135
unit of hydraulics13005202040
cabinet with equipment5004821975
control cabinet8006002175
control station8006002175
Mass, kg15390