Seam welding machine by direct current -63.03


Machine -63.03 is designed for seam welding by direct current of structures, assembled by flanging welding, among them fuel and hydro tanks, panel radiator and other products, the parts of which are of thickness from  0.8+0.8 mm up to 3.0+3.0 mm are made of cold rolled low and low alloyed steel with metal anti corrosion surface or without it, as well as parts from stainless steel, aluminum and titan alloys.

Machine welding rolls are located at some angle to each other.

Rated supply main voltage of 3-phase AC, V 380
Supply main frequency, Hz 50
Rated continuous secondary current, kA 40
Max. secondary current, kA 63
Power at duty cycle = 50%, kVA, not less 415
Rated electrodes stroke, m 0.7
Rated span, mm 140
Gripping force, daN (kgf) min., notmore 392 / 400
rated 1 960 / 2 000
max., not less 2 450 / 2 500
Upper roller electrode stroke, mm, not less 80
Low roller electrode stroke, mm, not less 60
Linear speed of roller electrodes, m/min min., not more 0.5
max., not less 10
Short term performance at welding low  carbon steel of thickness 1.2 + 1.2 mm, m/min 2
Roller electrodes work angle, grade 7˚ 1˚
Dimensions, mm (length width height) 2600 × 1420 × 2800
Mass, kg 6 000