FBW machine for boiler house pipes and other items -604


Machine -604 is designed for flash butt welding pipes and other items by continuous flashing and flashing with preheating. It is used for perlite and austenite pipes and other items, of mainly round section, high and low carbon, various alloyed steels, with section up to 850 mm2 and external diameter up to 42 mm. 

  The machine allows welding articles of profile section and items from aluminum and titanium alloys with section up to 300 mm2.

  The design of the machine is of through-pass type providing welding both short and long articles.

  The control system provides welding process correction in cases of its deviation from the norm. 

Technical data



Rated supply main voltage of 3-phase AC, V


Supply main frequency, Hz


Welded pipes diameter, mm

25 - 42

Max. secondary current, kA, not less


Rated continuous secondary current, kA


Secondary voltage adjustment arrangement, V

4,05 - 8,1

Rated upsetting force, daN

6 300

Rated gripping force, daN

12 500

Max. upsetting speed, mm/s, not less


Flashing speed adjustment range, mm/s

0,3 - 10

Adjustment range of set distance between jaws, mm

40 - 70

Short-term performance of welding pipes with diameter 42 mm, welds/h


Dimensions, mm

(length width height)

welding unit

2500 × 1580 × 1180

cabinet with equipment

800 × 650 × 1760

control station

600 × 650 × 1 760

Mass, kg

welding unit

3 800

cabinet with equipment


control station