Special Compact Press -320


Special Compact Press -320 is intended for checking of welded joints using sampling method by means of testing check samples for static transversal bending.

Control system of the press is made on the basis of an industrial computer. It allows registering and keeping the test process of the welded joint, registers every fracture, hands out the load curve of the process and allows controlling the course of the process in real time mode.

Small dimensions and mass of the Press allow using it both in plant conditions and as a part of travelling rail welding machines.

Technical data

Characteristic Value
Supply voltage from network/diesel power station, V380 / 400
Supply voltage frequency, 50
Maximum pressing power, tonns, not less than320
Maximum bending deflection, mm60
Length of welded samples, mm11001800
Working pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa40
Dimensions (length × width × height), mm
press2200 × 560 × 1541
hydro power station673 × 434 × 725
control cabinet622 × 450 × 1750