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business group Tekhnologiya Metallov

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Address card
Full company name
Closed Joint-Stock Company "Pskovelectrosvar"
Short company name
CJSC  "Pskovelectrosvar"
3, Novatorov Str.,  Pskov, 180006 Russia
(8112) 53-58-98
(8112) 53-59-49, 700-134
Products range
Equipment for butt, spot, seam, embossed, arc welding and special types of spare parts, transformers, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, welded steel, metal

Business contacts

General director
Vyacheslav Strelin (8112) 53-58-98
Technical director
Alexander Sudarkin (8112) 53-58-98
Commercial directorDmitry Gudkin (8112) 53-17-58
Vice General Director for ProductionLeonid Ivanov (8112) 700-153
Vice General director of Economics and Finance
Sergey Zhukov (8112) 700-122
Head of Quality Department
Fyodor Chistykov (8112) 700-120
Chief Accountant
Yelena Bahyeva (8112) 700-129
Head of Sales and MarketingVladimir Alexandrov (8112) 700-134
Head of LogisticsSvetlana Burbanova (8112) 700-167