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FBW machine of hot blooms 0-90


Machine -90 is designed for FBW by pulsating flashing of steel blooms with section up to 170 x 170 mm, with length up to 12 m, of different chemical content and heated up to 1 100 ⁰C 1 200 ⁰C. The machine is installed before the first rolling stand and ensures continuous rolling process by welding of periodically supplied blooms.

The machine consists of welding unit installed on moving platform, cabinet with electric equipment, hydraulic station and hydraulic unit, weld flash trimmer, roller transfer stations, measuring and pressure rollers.

The machine construction allows providing all processes of gripping, alignment, welding and weld flash trimming in the course of its movement along the guides with welded blooms. After joint completing the machine returns to the starting point, grips the next bloom and repeats the whole cycle.

Technical data



Rated supply main voltage of 3-phase AC, V


Supply main frequency, Hz 


Power of 2 welding transformers at duty cycle=50%, at nominal stage, kVA

1 100

Max. secondary current, kA, not less


Rated continuous secondary current, kA, not less


Secondary voltage of idle according to control stages, V

1 stage (transformation coefficient=33)


2 stage (transformation coefficient=30)


3 stage (transformation coefficient=26)


4 stage (transformation coefficient=23)


Rated upsetting force, daN (kgf)

90 000

Rated gripping force, daN (kgf)

120 000

Movable frame stroke, mm, not less


Clampings stroke, mm, not less


Max. upsetting speed, mm/s, not less


Adjustment range of welding speed, mm/s

1 - 5

Max. cross section area of welded articles from low carbon and constructional steel, mm2

28 900

Time of blooms 150 × 150 mm welding, s, not less


Total time of parts joint with max. section including weld flash trimming, s, not more


Cooling water consumption at pressure 0,25 MPa (2,35 kgf/m2), l/min, not more


Dimensions, mm

(length width height)

welding unit

2 071 2 760 2 760

pump station

1 800 1 825 2 100

control cabinet

800 600 1 800

power supply cabinet

800 800 1 800

contact cabinet

800 600 1 800

control cabinet of pump station

800 600 1 800

Mass, kg

19 000